December 10, 2010


There are only 15 days until Christmas!!!
I had no idea it was getting so close!
I still have some shopping to do...
New recipes to try...
Cookies to make!
So crazy for it to be so close!

Today I am spending my day preparing my presentation for my interview. I have to teach basic photography lighting, and make it interesting. I think i'm going to make a powerpoint to go with it. I typically have issues with powerpoint, but in the right hands it can produce a visually appealing addition to a lesson. All I know is I am going to ROCK this interview. I will prepare like i'm never prepared before, find the perfect outfit (possibly something new) and walk in with confidence. My job is right in my grasp, with just this standing before it! Luckily, i'm not very nervous. I excel in Public Speaking. In high school I was in competitive forensics, and my senior year I pretty much kicked the competitions butt placing first at 12 tournaments, and missing qualifications to Nationals by only a few points. I kind of love the spotlight!  Tomorrow I get to paint a bathroom school-bus yellow, at my sister-in-law's house, and I can't wait! I love paint. I love the smell of it, the way it glides on the wall and the transformation you can make happen in just a few hours!!! Well, I am off to get a bite of food, and start working!



~KS said...

I was in forensics too!!!!

Go rock that interview girl! They'd be ridiculous not to hire you!!

SG to SP said...

Best of luck I'm sure you're gonna rock it!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

You go girl! Your confidence is inspiring!!

Have a great weekend :)

the runaway romantique said...

Good luck for your interview! You're going to blow them away I'm sure :) You have such a great blog here!

- the runaway