December 9, 2010

Sending our Love

Over the past few days I have been quite the little Christmas Elf!
Decorating our home.
Helping my sister-in-law get her home ready.
Ordering gifts for people.
I just LOVE the holidays!
One of the items that has REALLY helped me out is Shutterfly! I know many of you have heard about the great Shutterfly products available, and many most likely used them for your holiday cards this year! They are running an amazing promotion and are offering me 50 free cards to blog about their service! Although, I would have used them anyways because they offer phenomenal quality! I plan to order our cards today, have them rush shipped with Shutterfly's GREAT shipping service and get them out in the mail asap. I had to wait for all of our wedding photographs to be ready so I can make special Christmas cards and share our photos all at the same time! They also offer photo books, and wall calendars! I think very soon I will have to use them to create our wedding album. I love the idea of being able to upload my photos, arrange them the way I want and a few days later recieve them in a bound book! Isn't technology wonderful? Now my only problem will be deciding which design to use, and which photos to place on it! I think it might have to be one of these 3 though!

So many favorites, its hard to pick just one!!
I hope you choose Shutterfly for your holiday cards!


SG to SP said...

I did the Shutterfly card thing and actually chose the second one that you posted. Ours came out great and we got so many compliments on them.

Morgan said...

I used Shutterfly! Loved how easy it was and they turned out great. :)