January 14, 2011

The End

Today is the last day of my unemployment.
 and the beginning of the next big step in my life.

It's the last day of having that nagging feeling in my stomach, of feeling stress hitting me from all sides, and also of sleeping in and relaxing around the house. I've really enjoyed what these past 10 months have allowed me to do. I've spent more time with my husband, i've spent days lounging around with my fur-babies and i've learned a lot about myself. I've re-discovering my love of reading and let the written word take me away to a different place each week. I changed my body, and became a stronger leaner person. I celebrated the joy of accomplishing small goals for myself. I danced around the living room while no one was watching. I took time to reconnect with old friends and made time for the friends I have. I got married, and had a beautiful wedding.

While this past year may have been one of the hardest, and most stressful, in my life...I have never felt more liberated. I feel like I could take on the world. I have more confidence and feel so much better about the person I am. I think everyone hits that moment once or twice in life when they start to doubt what they know and what they have to offer. I went through this, and came up feeling better than when I went in.

Thank you to all of my readers, old and new. You have been an amazing sounding board, and filled me with so much motivation and confidence. I hope I get the opportunity to meet many of you over the coming year. Check back later for a special giveaway to thank you all for everything!


PS- I will be in Houston, Texas at the beginning of February! 


DrayaAnn said...

Congrats on your last day of unemployment!!! All the best to you as you start your new job!

Micaela said...

what a year for you! but what exciting adventures 2011 already promises...

CONGRATS SWEET GIRL! can't wait to hear more about this beautiful transition.

if only houston was closer to me, i'd demand a meet up! :)


happy weekend!

Belen said...

a big congrats and tons of love from me to you! :D

ps, i love that you call them your fur-babies. :D