April 10, 2011

Week 1 in Memphis Tennesse...

Today Spencer and I had a wonderful day
good food, time with the puppies and a movie!
Right now I am preparing to head out for week 2 in Memphis, Tennessee,
but first, I wanted to show you all of the great things from last week!

Monday, April 4th:
Spencer had the day off, and it was REALLY cold out! We spent some time snuggling on the couch, and of course Betty had to put on her sweater so she could stay warm!
Betty ready to play!
Spencer and the ladies being cute.

At the end of the day it was time for me to pack... the girls got a little sad as I started packing up, but we snuggled afterward to make them feel better. :)

Tuesday, April 5th:
On Tuesday morning I woke-up bright and early to head out to Memphis. I tried out a new airline called, "SeaPort" and I am sooo glad I did! A private carrier now operating in Oregan, Washington, Kansas City, Memphis and soon Dallas, my flight was better than any I have ever had before. I went to the private plane hangars instead of Kansas City International Airport. I didn't have to go through security, I had free parking, no baggage fees AND only had to arrive 15 minutes before my flight!!! On the way to Arkansas where we had a refueling layover, I was one of 5 passengers. From Arkansas to Memphis, I was one of 6. And this was my plane!
How cool is that?! The flight was nice. No flight attendant breathing down my neck to turn my Kindle off for takeoff and landing, the little curtain was left open by the pilots so that I could see all the gadgets, and the skies were clear. This photo was taken during our layover in Arkansas. It was so much fun! By noon I was in Memphis, taken to the rental car facility and on my way to the hospital. I grabbed some lunch, drove around a bit to see the sights in the area and pulled into the hospital at 1:30 for the classroom session. It was great! Lots of learning, lots of excitement and we had a lot of fun. The girls are all really great, and I absolutely adore the coordinator for the area, Debbie. She was wonderful and I am very excited to work with her again this week! I checked into my hotel by about 6pm, grabbed a sandwich from Subway and watched Sex in the City 2 on HBO. :) Definite plus of staying in hotels is always having new movies to watch at night! I even ended the night with a long swim in the hotel pool.

Wednesday, April 6th:
Wednesday morning was the first day in the hospital. I woke-up early, got ready to go and started out for a fresh new day. On the way, I noticed the interesting pattern on the carpet in the hallways...
ANything goes in hotel decor, and I found it oddly pretty! We had a great day, with lots of babies to photograph, great sales and wonderful friendly people. I have got to say, having everyone call you honey, sweetie and sugah is kind of fun. Southern hospitality is everything that you have heard of it to be. Everyone is just so nice! After a long day of photographing babies, I was taken to a great BBQ place where I tried southern style BBQ for the first time. I have got to say, I actually liked it. A nice crunch from coleslaw, and a sweet, but not overly, bbq sauce. Great company as well! I went with Debbie and her daughter joined us. She was a very sweet young lady, and holds the title of Miss Memphis! Next up she will be competing for Miss Tennessee and if she wins that, Miss America! She has a pet monkey and is just a darling girl. I hope she wins! After a long day I went back to the hotel, curled up in bed and fell asleep reading my Kindle.

Thursday, April 7th:
Thursday was my last full day in Memphis. I started out the day on a great note. Arrived at the hospital, took beautiful photos, worked with a wonderful new photographer who is so promising and had a productive day. I have finally met a baby who is larger than my nephew was! Little Rose weighed in at 10.10 lbs, and 20" in length! My nephew was 10.2, and I thought i'd never see a bigger baby. She was darling, and her little chubby cheeks were sooo cute! Mom was a trooper, and was sitting up in a chair grinning ear to ear. I couldn't believe how well she was doing! After a long day, I bid adieu to the lovely ladies I worked with all week and wished them a wonderful weekend. Once I got back to my hotel, I went and got a sandwich for dinner, relaxed for a little bit in my room and then headed down to the pool for a nice swim! It was so relaxing and warm in the pool...
and if you see the little slit on the far end, it was access to go outside. Yes, an indoor/outdoor pool in April! After a little while a little girl came down and got in the pool. She was splashing a little too much for my liking, so I sucked it up and swam outside. It was so awesome! The night air was cool on my skin, and the water felt warm like a nice bath. I stared up at the stars as I backstroked from side to side and then swam in a few circles and swung my arms out to the side! Gotta act like a kid sometimes! It was the perfect ending to a great week! I wish I were staying at this hotel again, but instead ill be down the street at the Marriot. Hope it's just as nice!

Friday, April 8th:
Friday morning at 6:30 I caught my flight back into Kansas City. By 9am my flight came in, we de-boarded, I got my bags and was on the road going home by 9:08! Such a fantastic way to fly. :) Spencer didn't have to work until noon, so we went and got some lunch at Panera before coming back home where I had to take care of some paperwork for work. It was a wonderful day, and I ended the day by lying outside on the deck and watching the dogs frolic around the yard while I finished my book.
It was the absolute perfect weekend, and it all started out great with a week like this! But more on my weekend tomorrow! And hopefully some exciting stories from my next week in Memphis!
Have a wonderful Monday Morning!


Cat said...

Awww, Betty looks so cute in her little sweater :) Looks like you had a fun trip...man, hotel decor can be crazy (but somehow it just "works" sometimes :))

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Betty's super cute!!! :)
That hotel pool looks nice...wish I had one just like that...haha! :)

Have a great day.