April 6, 2011

You're the only Ten I see!

Greetings from Memphis, Tennessee!
I have now been here in Memphis for about 36 hours, and in another 30 I will be home! It's been a fun trip, and I officially like it here. I will be back again next week and I am pretty happy with this place :) Tonight I worked until a 13 hour day of photographing babies, so the coordinator for this district and I went out for some BBQ. It was a lot of fun, and her daughter, "Mrs. Memphis"(seriously, she holds the title) met up with this. We went to a local place called Corky's that is supposedly the creme-de-la-creme in Tennessee BBQ. 

 Now being from KC when BBQ is a way of life, I have a bit of a hard palette to please. I went ahead and tried it without edits. A pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and BBQ sauce. The sauce was sweet and the coleslaw was tangy. The pork was slow cooked and juicy... overall, pretty darn tasty! It may not beat my father-in-law's but it was pretty tasty. (especially after such a long day at work.)
I am now back at my hotel, where the bed is really comfy, watching the Nanny. Fran Drescher may have an annoying voice but I really love watching this show! (Even if I have seem every episode before) Some other quirky things about Tennessee that I have noticed.... 
There are Starbucks EVERYWHERE! The hospital i'm working at is only about 10 minutes down the road, and I passed 4 Starbucks this morning! Funny thing is that they were all packed! People here in Memphis must really love their coffee fix!
The roads are pretty! They are all brown asphalt and I simply love it. It makes everything look a bit more natural and beautiful than the black asphalt I have grown accustomed to. Major kudos to the city planners here!
Everyone here is sooo nice! It's "hey ya'll" and "how are you?!" all over this place. Lots of smiles, people having great conversation. Such a friendly place to be. :)
The weather has been BEAUTIFUL, but apparently it is not common to have such great weather all of the time. Everyone keeps telling me I am so lucky to be here while the weather is so great!
I CAN BREATHE!!!! Ragweed and pollen and whatever else I am allergic to does not exist here! It was wonderful to wake up this morning and not blow my nose into a tissue immediately. I hope when I go home I will still be able to!
It's been really great, but I am so excited to go home to my hubby! I Miss him so much, and I am excited to have a date night with a movie and dinner. Any suggestions on great movies to go see? I am open to any suggestions!!! I also miss my little furballs... I may complain when they crowd me each night in bed and Betty lies between Spencer and I.... but I miss them when they aren't here. I have been snapping photos this week, so get ready for a photo tour at the end of the week! 
I hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!!!


BelleinBows said...

Minus the allergies it seems that Memphis may be somewhere I would like to be. Especially with all of the Starbucks.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Ahhh corkys! So I think I told you in a previous comment my grandparents live in Memphis so every Christmas they ship us frozen Corkys!