May 5, 2011


I am a lucky lady!
Typically my job doesn't find me near another co-worker for miles!
But last week in Dallas, and this week in St. Louis I got to meet up with some co-workers and my boss!
Tonight, I headed from Alton, IL into downtown STL!
A 30 minute drive,
and a HORRIBLE highway where the speed kept changing from 50 to 60 to 55 to 40 etc.
I arrived at the downtown Lumiere Casino, and The Burger Bar.
A West-Coast based eatery from Hubert Keller,
the burger bar lets you create the burger of your dreams, from only the BEST ingrediants! 
I forgot my camera, but this photo is of one of the signature burgers!
I built my burger using "natural-fed" beef from a local farm, on a fresh wheat bun.
I added fresh avocado, provolone cheese, carmelized onions and button mushrooms.
My boss also got some apps for the table
Green Bean fries! YAY! I have actually been craving them lately!
It was such a great night! We ate, we talked, we laughed, we exchanged stories from our travels... and there might have been a joke or two in the direction of the attractive young male servers whose shirts were emblazoned with the phrase, "Fresh Meat". And the French Kiss cocktails, and Dirty Bloody Marys definitely helped! I also had the opportunity to meet the one trainer who I haven't met yet. I have now officially met all of the other National Trainers, and every single one of them is simply fabulous. I love that I love my job, and I love the people I work with! Everyone I meet is so nice!
Tomorrow I will be doing some training in the morning, and then I might come back to the hotel for a swim before I head home. It's a food 4 hours drive from St. Louis to Kansas City, but I am hoping to arrive home by around 6-7pm. I am crossing my fingers for a fabulous meal there too! My hubby has been working on making his own Immersion Circulator for a few months now, and today he finished it! It's basically a tool you can use in the kitchen to cook very tender meats. The Circulator regulates the temperature of a self-enclosed water bath, and you can take vacumn sealed meats, place them inside and cook them at an even temperature for a long time, to make fall-off-the-bone DELICIOUS chicken, ribs, steak, etc. He tried it out tonight for the first time, cooking a piece of chicken for dinner....
Mmmmm looks delicious! According to him it's "Sweet Jesus" good. Hope he has a fabulous something cookin' up for us to have tomorrow! I can't wait to see him and the girls!!! Spencer put me on speakerphone today so the girls could hear my voice. Betty didn't respond to her own name, but when I said "Mia!" Betty perked up instead! Sometimes I really think she's slightly brain damaged.... but at least she is cute! 
I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday, a wonderful weekend and a merry Mothers Day!

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Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Your buger sounds delish! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!