May 10, 2011

A Weekend with my Hunny

Oh, The Places I go...
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This week I am coming to you from my lovely room in Crystal Lake, Illinois! About an hour outside of Chicago. It's a pretty little town with lots of beautiful spring blooms everywhere! But more on that later...
This weekend was wonderful. I got to spend lots of time with the husband, and we had a really lovely weekend. On Friday night I came home to a delicious dinner cooking in the kitchen. The most tender piece of chicken I have ever eaten, topped with a slow cooked mixture of thinly sliced asparagus, porcini mushroom and black olive. It was melt in the mouth AMAZING. After that, we had a desert of caramel filled cookies!
If you haven't tried these...DO IT...NOW!
Saturday we spent the morning lying in bed. When we finally rolled around to start our day, we decided to go to our favorite antique shop in town for the day! Our first objective was to find a mothers day gift. But, the second was to replace my favorite milk glass chicken that was passed down from my grandmother. He accidentally broke it a few weeks back, and we knew we had seen a twin to it at the store at one point!
After walking through about 1/3 of the store... we found her!
 The little chicken lifts up from the nest. We often use it when we are cooking things as a spoon rest. :)
and then we found a little brass turtle...a "box turtle"! (The shell opens up to hide treasures!)

People in the midwest really do NOT get rid of anything. Everyone has a basement, or an attic, so when relatives pass on the family will sell off all of the special treasures. And they are usually at really great prices! (My turtle was only $8) We shopped for about 3 hours, going up and down each and every aisle... Some of the things we saw were awesome! And some a little bit strange...
A Peacock Tiffany lamp...
 A creepy wall of heads!
 Lady and Gentleman lamp stands....
 An "un-opened" Home Test Kit... I love that is has to specify it's "Non-Invasive"
 Freaking adorable little trio of brass owls... and a pony and camel!
 It's not the Midwest wthout a "tasteful" tribute to America....
 Milk Glass Pineapple anyone?
 More chickens! Although, much bigger than my little cutie!
 Cookie Jars Galore... Spencer liked the cat hugging a fish :)
 A real stuffed Roosted under glass.... yeah.... no words....
Any movie from the 90's that you could ever wish to find.. On VHS!
...And the creme de la creme....
A custom metal chandelier in an ode to wheat!
Fantastic place, isn't it?
When we got done shopping, we decided a movie was in order. So we went back home to let the dogs prance around the backyard for a little while, and then got tickets to a 10:30 showing of Thor!
GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!
The set design was beautiful, the story was engaging...and Thor was UBER sexy.... yowza...those eyes!
I don't know what it is about a little scruff and some bright blue eyes....

It was a WONDERFUL night with my hubby.
Sunday we did some gardening for Mothers Day and spent time with the in-laws. We had a really great night, and got to catch up on things. The puppies came too, and they were SOOOO excited to see Grandma and Grandpa! We had a little photo session in the car as we drove over. They are so funny, and always know when we are getting closer. They can sense it and just start getting so excited about everything!

Monday I had the day off and I spent it with my mom. The morning was filled with paperwork, but at 2:00 I met her at the local outdoor mall by my house. We went to American Eagle where I hit a FABULOUS sale and got lots of great stuff!
All for under $100!!!!
I love shopping :)
After we were done, mom and I headed down to get pedicures.
It felt SOOOO good, especially after all the squats I did pulling weeds the day before.
My legs still hurt today, but she worked out quite a few muscles in my leg yesterday for sure!

I can't wait to go home and do more fun things with the hubby this weekend!


Davanie said...

I have a chicken just like that passed down from my grandma too - but it's transparent blue. I like it in milk glass too.

Belen said...

THOR WAS AMAZING! I drooled over Chris Hemsworth. Fortunately I have some really chill guy friends who didn't mind the fact that my friend Mary and I were constantly making noises and saying random things about how hot he was. Esp when he was shirtless (I squealed a bit, no lie, haha).

I MUST buy that water color painting of the continents! It's so gorgeous! :D