May 11, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

I've had this stubborn goat bookmarked for quite some time. I just love it!
You can find it here!
The shop that sells it is called Sleek Identity,
What a great eclectic little shop, with such unique find!
Like this Trojan Horse!

Oh deer! It's a coat rack!

Is it a sticker? Is it a lamp?! This is Crazy!

Ok...this is too much. hahaha
A wannabe Table?

Open up wide! Here comes the airplane!

Coo Koo!

 Nice Bulb...

...and then there was this....
well... you win lose some...
For $1000 I think I might just have to pass on it. :)

Have a Fabulous day!!!


~KS said...

Hello my friend!!

I LOVE that goat- I'm a Capricorn and it reminds me of that :)

Micaela said...

what a great find!!! i loveeee that goat! :)

thanks for sharing sweet girl! xo

Belen said...

Totally loving the sticker/lamp (I totallly typed 'stamp' at first cuz I was confusing myself, haha)! The table/box is super adorbs too. :)