May 16, 2011

A cure for cancer!?

Cancer has a cure!
And it has for a full week!
Last week, researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada announced that they had found a cure for Cancer. And it's simple! The cure utilizes a basic drug that is already on the market. Dichloroacetate, a drug currently used to treat metabolic disorders, is widely available. It does not have a patent, and is therefore widely available and very affordable. In tests, it was successful in curing lung, breast and brain cancer cells, but not affected the healthy cells at all. In tests on rats, it shrank tumors by being mixed into water! But don't take my word for it! This article says it MUCH better than me! So why doesn't everyone know about this?! Why aren't we celebrating in the streets and shouting it from the rooftops?! Why? Because the drug doesn't have a patent, and so drug companies won't make any money!a RIDICULOUS!

You can read more about the original research materials HERE.



Summer Athena said...

this makes me sad on many levels and happy on one that this could save others.

Belen said...

I totally agree with Summer's comment. I'm definitely happy for those who will have the chance at a cancer-free life now that this has been found. But it breaks my heart to know that some people have already passed away from cancer. Sigh. But then again, people have to pass away from it in order for us to find a cure, right?

Thanks for sharing this, Jenni! I'll definitely spread the word!