May 16, 2011

Cloud 11

Things have been so wonderful in my life lately.
It seems like I am finally doing a job that I was meant to do.
Over the past two weeks, I have been flooded with compliments!
♥  First, I contacted my boss about working in grad school around my schedule in the Fall. That I could leave every Tuesday and be home for class on Mondays. She not only said that she thinks it's a brilliant idea...she then responded saying that she would work around ANYTHING to keep me! That I am too valuable to the team to lose!
Then, a new hire that I trained ended up breaking her goal by 140% in her first week after working with me! The Regional Director for the area was elated, and emailed a glowing report to me, my boss AND the president of the company! All of them then responded telling me how great I am doing and thanking me.
Then if that weren't enough, I got another warm-fuzzy email today. I had been planning to work from KC te first week of June, but my boss emailed me and said that I had been requested personally to come back into St. Louis that week and do some work! My boss said that the director was disapointed I was already booked, but she understood that I had things to do, and that she just loves me! I ended up working some things out, so I will be in STL the first week of June, and in KC the following week... It's nice to be loved! :)
The only drawback to this job is that I miss my husband like crazy when I am away. The last few weeks have been amazing though. Spencer and I have lots of quality time when I am home. Watching movies, having lovely dinner together and cuddling with our puppies. I just love coming home to my little family. :)



ChloƩ said...

i am so happy for you Jenni! you seem so happy and it's infectious! i love you!!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Awesome job... I love hearing good news! :)

Simone said...

That is so great Jenni, well done are a natural at this :) xx