May 17, 2011

I am absolutely exhausted...
I had to be up this morning at 4am to make it to the airport in time.
I boarded my plane, and arrived in Detroit, Michigan at noon!

I am actually staying in a little town outside of Michigan called Port Huron. It's a little town about an hour and a half from Detroit, and 1 mile from Canada! I passed "the Bridge to Canada" as I was driving around looking for the hospital this afternoon. So far, my opinion of Michigan is that, A...It's freaking cold!'s kind of dreary...It's been a rough day. Problems with installing software, so I basically wasted an entire day...
On the brightside of things though...
I am officially over halfway through this book!
It is mesmorizing. I find myself thinking about it when I have placed it down, and looking forward to the next time I pick it up. It's a very intelligent book, and takes full concentration to fully realize the depth of what is going on. I think I will most likely have it finished this week!
I got to spend my Monday with my favorites!
While Spencer and Mia we're snoozin....
Betty and I were cuddling!


We found a great new show on Netflix!
Sons of Tuscon is fabulous!
Sadly, it only experienced one season... but it's a good one!

I got tacos, AND a nap tonight!
Now, THAT is something to be excited about!

It's raining outside tonight, but I heard on the radio it should go up to the 70's this week. If it does I think I might just have to go for a nice little walk down the boardwalk, or down to the Michigan beaches. I hope everyone is having a great monday and staying warm!!!!!!!


Summer Athena said...

oh man! you are busy. um, your girls are the cutest ever.

Carolyn said...

We really liked Sons of Tuscan too! :)