August 17, 2011


I can't believe it is almost September. I feel like just yesterday I was celebrating the new year with close friends and family. I have a feeling this year will be over before I can bat my eyelashes. I will be beginning my 7th class toward my Master's degree (only 5 classes to go), I will be helping to unveil an entirely new program at my work. taking an amazing vacation with my husband to Portland, Oregon and I will be celebrating my one year anniversary to my amazing husband. 
Even if I have reason to get frustrated at times, my house is less than clean and I don't know which way to look i'm so busy... I am blessed. I can't wait for fall. To relax, kick back and think about all of the things I am thankful for. 
I find Fall to be a time of renewel. Some people feel like Spring is the beginning of fresh ideas. Spring cleaning, new life..Spring seems to be everyone's go to when they think of a fresh start. To me, spring is the beginning of summer...filled with allergies...and it starts to get hot.... Fall is where it's at. 
Beautiful scenery, cool breezes, nights spent on the patio just talking to my husband. I simply adore the fall!
I just can't wait to see this!!!


Claire Kiefer said...

It's amazing to me how fast this year has gone by as well. How is it mid August??? I'm so not ready to let go of summer (although looking forward to football, admittedly). It scares me when time flies this way . . . makes me feel like I'll be 65 before I know it!

M.R. said...

I'm never ready for any season change. I love Portland, though- HAve fun!


Blicious said...

i cant either!!! because im getting married! EEEEEEE!!! ;)


Life 101 said...

I've been where you are with graduate work. It turns into an endurance thang.
The year has rushed by, but it seems to me that the older I get, the faster time moves.
My wife Jilda and I are singer songwriters (among other things) and we wrote a song called time has wings. It seems like it would fit here.
Congrats on your anniversary.