September 23, 2011


Fall has arrived! I love mornings like this. Wake up, have some delicious coffee (Pumpkin creamer is out in stores! YAY!) Be VERY productive and get a lot done quickly, snuggle on the couch and enjoy the crisp air coming in through the open windows.  It's still quiet in my neighborhood. The kids haven't run outside to play yet, power tools are silenced and it's nice to just sit still and enjoy it.
Today I plan to go get some vaccinations for my trip next week to California (I swear, I've had to get about 35 vaccines this year to work in hospitals), hit the gym and then come home to cuddle and watch Grays Anatomy! I recorded it, but I knew Spencer would not love the idea of sitting through a 2 hour show so I waited until it was just me and the puppies. :)
A few other things are giving me smiles this morning....
  • I have lost 5 lbs this week! Drinking lots of water, eating healthy and exercising really does work when you do it right I guess!
  • Spencer and I leave in a week and a half for our vacation in Portland! I can't wait! I just KNOW he is going to LOVE it there! I think i'm the most excited about taking him to Southpark, a mediteranean style seafood restraunt. When I was there this Spring for work I went and had roasted chickpeas with lemon and mint... it was PHENOMENAL! I just can't wait for him to try them!
  • Halloween filling the aisles of Target. I simply LOVE Halloween decor! Not the creepy scary stuff, but the cute little ghosts and candy dishes!
  • My friend Lacey is getting married and having a bridal shower next weekend! I need to go shopping soon and she is registered at a great little local kitchen store. It will be so much fun to look around and find her gift.
So any big plans this weekend? I plan to just relax, clean the house a bit and spend time with the puppies! Maybe we'll even go to the park!

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