September 20, 2011

Sometimes there just isn't enough time...but who cares?! It's Fall!!!!!!!!

I have felt the minutes ticking by for the past few weeks. I started my classes for the semester (4 more to go until my Masters Degree!) and my work has been so crazy I sometimes work from 9am to 9pm with no break in sight... sigh...the life of a working lady... I miss unemployment when I was able to go to the gym, plan my wedding and spend time with my family..... In addition,  I have also been working on editing photos of a dance troop I take pictures of a few weeks ago so that has been consuming my hours as well...tick tock tick tock, right?
Today is a a little bit of a warmer day, buts its finally Fall here in KC!!!!! There are so many things to be excited about!!!!! For one...there's this little beauty.....
I know I know...the calories are crazy!...Well, I say I'll eat more salads and drink my calories! Don't you just hate that when you are enjoying one of your favorite treats and all people can do is remind you how many calories are in it and how bad it is for you?! It's not like i'm hooked up to a freaking IV with the stuff! .....and one a week isn't too bad anyways, right? ....or sometimes maybe 2? haha.   And I am stoked to say I found this little delicious recipe for homemade pumpkin spice syrup that I think I really NEED to try out sometime soon!!! 1/3 of the sugar? heck yeah!  Also, Hello Fall Primetime TV!!!!!!! The shows began their yearly trickle into my primetime lineup last night, and I have to say...It's looking to be a gloriously entertaining season!!!!

First up...
How I met your Mother!!!
Seriously, I wish I could be friends with these people! They are just so fabulous and I LOVE this show! I got hooked on it this past summer so I haven't seen last season yet, just the reruns played on a number of different channels.... I have to say, the first episode starting out with a wedding has me freaked out! Did I miss something guys?! I think it might be a teaser for the season... It definitely got me excited!

Next up....
The Playboy Bunny Club
Freaking wow I love it!!! And talk about motivation to get in shape..holy moly! This show is going to be a hit! And did anyone else notice that the little "chocolate bunny" is none other than the SAME bunny to appear in Mad Men when they went to the Playboy Club!? I wonder if they saw her on Mad Men and said, hmmm we have GOT to have her! I mean, the girl does look fabulous! What a fantastic addition to a Monday night!

and then of course....
I haven't seen the premiere yet, but I just LOVE this show and can't wait to watch it with the hubby when he is off of work! hmmmm could it be the season for Beckett and Castle to admit they love each other?! I hope so!!!

and my wildcard...
2 Broke Girls

Another one Spencer and I never made it to last night, I am kind of excited about this one! I love the brunette actress who is in it and I think her sarcastic spirit will be perfect for the role. Can't wait to watch it!!!!
Tonights agenda of fabulous TV includes....
New Girl (I think everyone is dying to see this one!)
Raising Hope (One of my FAVS from last season)
Body of Proof (I'll give it another shot...)
and soon enough we will add...
Last Man Standing
Man Up
I know a lot of people are excited about Glee and Dancing with the Stars for tonight... but I just can't get into those shows....I guess im not a Musicals kinda gal. I tried watching it from the beginning...but not my cup o tea....
Spencer will be home tonight at about 8pm, so my plan is to have a fabulous dinner waiting... I'm thinking some nice baked lemon chicken with a pear and goat cheese salad... and maybe some steamed asparagus with cherry tomatoes... We'll see what the mood strikes :)
I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday night!!!!!

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Samantha said...

I saw the previews for the Playboy Bunny Club and forgot about it. When I saw an ad for it on Hulu I clicked on it to watch the first episode I was so happy I did. It was amazing. Hopefully they kept the momentum going. Also really excited about Grey's, Supernatural, and Pan Am. I love when the good shows come back in September.