September 21, 2011

So happy it's Wednesday!

Its a nice chilly morning here in Kansas City and i'm cuddled up under my blankets doing some work, watching How I Met your Mother and drinking some delicious coffee. Soon enough it will be lunchtime and I am excited to have a pear and blue cheese salad! So delicious, and when sprinkled with olive oil and balsamic it makes the perfect healthy treat for fall! I think I might just be addicted.... :)
Fall premieres from last night....
New Girl!
Such a cute show!! I think it's only going to get better each week, and I think Zoey was FABULOUS! She did remind me quite a bit of her sister Emily from time to time. Bones is another show i just love and can't wait for the premiere of. 
Raising Hope
Was wonderful as always. I love Sabrina's new haircut this season, and I think its wonderful that they are embracing Hope growing up! She's a toddler now, and the show is still just as great! Adorable little girl!

and we finally watched Two Broke Girls.....
Two Broke Girls
So disappointing! I wanted this show to be good... I REALLY like Kat Dennings.... 
Unfortunately the show felt like it was filled with a bunch of one-liners, the laugh track was annoying and in my husbands words, "they should have paid someone to write more than 2 bars of track.... In other words, the theme music was annoying and was repeated about 6x throughout the show to change between scene....2 bars of cheesy 90's musical filler.... sigh.... I might give this one another try in hopes that Kat will pull the show together, but I dunno....I'm just not amused right now....

Tonight Spencer gets off work and will be home a little earlier than usual. My plan is to work hard this afternoon, run to the gym (and run AT the gym haha) hit up Target, Trader Joe's and then come home to relax with some dinner and Wednesday night tv! It's going to be a good night with...

The Middle
Up All Night
Free Agents
America's Next Top Model
Model Family
Top Chef: Just Deserts
AND Revenge!

So what shows are you all looking forward to tonight?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I was disappointed in Broke Girls too. I told my husband not to get too attached because I don't think it's gonna last!

Marian said...

I didn't think 2 Broke Girls was too bad. Though you are totally right with the one-liners and they HAVE to calm down on the laugh-track. Totally distracting. Liam and I both couldn't laugh because we were like WTF

Carolyn said...

I was disappointed by 2 Broke Girls too. :( BUT I LOVED Playboy Club!!!!!