September 27, 2011

Thoughts at 3am

Today I woke up at 3am... 
I got ready. 
I drove to the airport. 
I flew to Las Vegas. 
I flew to California.
I got a rental car. 
I got lost 3 times. 
I ate a salad. 
I got lost again.
I made it to the hospital. 
I photographed a baby. 
18 hours after I woke up....I checked into my hotel.
I am so tired it's hard to see straight right now... 

This morning I had a lot of random thoughts.

1. Target Parking lots... How is it that no matter that time it is, there are always about 15 random cars in the parking lot? Target closes at 10 and doesnt open until 9, right? sooo what is with random cars at 4am? Are they filled with love-making teenagers? Are people playing freeze out to see who lasts the longest? Is it a new type of "tent city" for the homeless who have cars? 

2. How do people wake up at 4am to run? I mean, I get it that fitness can be fun and all... but really? I have trouble walking in the takes everything I do to stand up, walk to the coffee maker and turn it on. How on earth do I see more people running than driving at 4am?! Is there some type of early morning running bull? I thought people ran in the morning to run in the daylight, but it is DARK in KC at 4am. No light other than the streetlights... How is that freaking energizing and motivating?!

3. Flying in the morning when its still dark is WEIRD! The flight attendants tell you to kick back and enjoy your nap. The flight is mostly empty so everyone is sacked out across the seats. It's so dark you feel like you are in a big black abyss. No one talks... all you hear is breathing.... 

4. Flying from Missouri to California, over 2 different time zones and taking a nap is trippy. I took a nap at 6am and woke up to it being 5am! It's like a freaking time machine!!!!!!!!

5. I am NOT a morning person....

6. Coffee at 8am when i've been awake for 5 hours already feels strange.....

It's now 7:30 here in Cali and I am going to pass out until tomorrow...

Good night Neverland!


Kristin said...

OMG, girlie! You're my new hero. There's no way that I could do all of that in one day! Wowee!

Blicious said...

p.s. im a new follower!

CapeCodCollegiate said...

I wonder ALL the time how people wake up early and run.. ew. sounds miserable to me. I'd much rather be in my warm bed!


Laurnie said...

I feel like running in the early AM is totally worse than running late at night. Although its common here in TX in the summer, since its blazing hot at 8am :)

Im so jealous about your Portland trip! I just KNOW my bf and I belong there, and we have actually never been!

Sara B said...

Wow that is quite the day, not sure how you were even able to put together a blog post! And I am so with you on running that early in the am haha

rebecca said...

haha. I wonder that about parking lots too. why the heck are cars always there??

Marina said...

And all that in one day? Bravo, Jenni! Now rest!

Mai said...

I agree the 5th point!

ArtsyAndi said...

Haha... its been a bit since you posted this but I had to fill you in. The cars at Target overnight are generally the night stock team... followed by the morning stock team. If I remember right the night stock people came in around 9 and left around 5. Morning stock (including signage team and the electronic/movie new release crews (ie... me when I worked there) started at 5am.

Hope you had a great time in Portland!

Loui♥ said...

love this delightful post!!
brought laughter and tears to this "not feeling so well person"..
enough so I continued reading and laughing on and on..
I'm supposed to be in the bed "resting"!
instead.. here I be..
following you and your antics..officially!
warmest hugs..
laughing smiles too..
Loui♥ dont need the verification review your comments before publishing..Right? I do!!
come visit!!