October 20, 2011

Portland Treasures

 I ♥ Portland!
Two weeks ago Spencer and I spent an amazing week in Portland, Oregon. It rained pretty much the entire time we were there, people filled the streets for Occupy Portland and we walked about 40 miles. It was amazing! The city is just absolutely beautiful. Mountains on one side, and greenery all around. It was perfect hoodie weather (my husbands favorite) and we could see ourselves living there one day.
One corner of the 6000 people who showed up for Occupy Portland.
We spent a lot of our time exploring the city, eating good food and shopping. The Food Carts are AMAZING. We had lamb gyros one day, and I tried Vietnamese Pho for the first time the next! (by the way, Pho is AMAZING! i am in love and was SERIOUSLY missing out!) We went to Deshutes Brew Pub and I fell in love with the Cascadian Ale with its light crisp finish, and then had burgers with Pork Belly on them. We also had seared pork belly, calamari, crap cakes and roasted chickpeas. So much food, but with all the walking we did it didn't really matter to much! Seriously, it was a foodie dream out there!
We of course  tried the famous VooDoo Doughnut...and I gotta say...not my favorite... We had the maple bacon doughnut that they are known for and I loved the maple icing, but the bacon should have been chopped finer and incorporated into the icing... having a big strip of fatty bacon that was hard to bite into cleanly was a little difficult. VooDoo doughnuts actual cake however was fabulous! The doughnut base was fluffy and delicious. mmmmm two thumbs up on that one. We tried a few other doughnuts as well...one covered in rice crispies and peanut butter...one in Oreo and peanut butter.... overall, it was just way too much stuff. Definitely more of a novelty than anything. However, We didn't just eat the whole time! ....we also shopped. We hit up local craft shops, Powell's books (AMAZING and so big we got lost!) and we took multiple trips to our favorite place in town... IKEA! 
We got two of these large frames from Ikea. They are seriously like 2.5 ft wide 
and will be hung in the living room on each side of our television. 

I just love this little red Christmas tree!

Spencer and I have a thing for Pasiley. 
We bought a dozen of each color to hang on our Christmas tree this year!

We picked up three of these little planters 
and in the Spring I plan to fill them with fresh herbs for the kitchen!

On Saturday we went to the famous Saturday Market where we fell in love with these beautiful blown glass vases. The green one we purchased for our home to hang on the wall. The blue one will hang in a window, and we purchased it for my mother-in-law who loved Cobalt Blue....and we even got a Christmas ornament! When the light shines through it its beautiful!

We also found some beautiful new custom artwork for our home!
... and my personal favorite...

Freaking adorable! I just LOVE this print!!!! The Banjo playin fox is my favorite,
but I think  all of them are fabulous, and the beaver makes me giggle. :) 

and of course no trip to Portland would be complete without a new coffee cup...

We also got new curtains for the living room and bedroom, some containers for the Kitchen and some other odds and ends. Overall, lots of fun things for our home. I'm so excited to add these fun little personal touches that will bring back lots of special memories to the two of us.
In other news... It's our 1 year anniversary on Sunday!!!!
I can't believe its been an entire year of being Mrs. Schaub!
I just love it, and I love my husband more today than ever.
♥  ♥  ♥  
AKA: Mrs. Schaub


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am so so happy you loved Portland! I think your next trip to the PNW should be Seattle! :)

Val said...

I truly need to visit Portland!!