February 27, 2012

Wow...is it really almost March?

This year is going by WAY too fast!

I am in two classes this semester, and on the road just about every single week, so i've had trouble finding some balance. My skin has been not so fabulous, and I have gained far too much weight than I care to mention. This past week I was able to work from home for a week, and I found the balance I have been looking for. 
  • I made it back to the gym, going 4 out of 7 days, and I am so incredibly proud of myself I can't stand it. Right now I may not love the way I look in the mirror, but I know it's for the short term and I feel great for bringing a healthy commitment back into my life. This time, i'm doing it for me. I'm hitting the gym to feel good, i'm hitting the gym to feel beautiful and so far, i'm really loving it.
  • Sidenote: I got the VSX workout pants and sports bra from Victoria's Secret and I LOVE them! They stay put, they wick away sweat and they are slimming in a wonderful way. They are helping give me confidence as everything stays in place.
  • I started eating more fresh fruits (mixed berries for breakfast), leafy greens and a lot of fresh salmon. I even poached salmon all by myself for the first time this week in a combination of low sodium chicken broth and dry white wine, and then topped it with pesto and a little bit of feta cheese. It was such a delicious meal! And I was so proud of my accomplishment I LOVED it!
  • Spencer and I went to Whole Foods last night, and I even picked up a wild cherry greek yogurt. I've been curious about Greek Yogurt, but the first time I tried it I wasn't a fan. I am so glad I gave it a second chance and tried the Wallaby brand. The cherries come in a seperate little compartment, and when you are ready to mix them you just tilt the smaller cup into the larger one. Delicious!
  • I went ahead and purchased some HP tans and have been tanning. I know it's not the healthiest of choices, but the next month I will be spending lots of time in sunny places, and it does feel nice to have some color in my skin. I only go tanning a few times a year, but i'll be happy to get a nice glowing base. 
  • I will be headng out to some exciting places the next few weeks, and enjoying some nice sun, swim and sand. My schedule for the next few weeks.....
            • Austin, Texas
            • Chicago, Illinois
            • Corpus Christi
            • Harlingen, Texas (Right on the border of Mexico, about 30 minutes from South Padre.
            • Burbank, California..... YAY!!!!!!
  • I finished up the Throne of Swords series by George R.R. Martin finally and I loved it! I have been reading this set of 5 books since November, but they were really wonderful and fun to read. Now I want to watch the HBO series. :)
  • We got our tax return back, and I was able to pay off the balance on 3 credit cards! Two had smaller balances, but still were bothersome with the monthly payments. I am doing bottom-up planning, so the smaller ones are getting paid off first so that I can concentrate on the bigger ones and put larger payments on them each time. :)
  • I am excited for this next month, but I can't wait until April! I will be working from home for the first 2 weeks, and able to spend time working in the yard, getting some things done around the house and hitting my favorite gym everyday!
  • I think i've finally found the balance I needed, and in addition to that i'm excited to be back into blogging, after such a long hiatus. :)


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Welcome back - you've been busy! I am a big fan of Greek Yogurt, but I have to have some fruit mixed in with it. Or some sweet flavor at least.

Frankie said...

I've been eyeing those VSX workout pants and sports bras, they look awesome, glad to hear you like them! And props to you for sticking with your workouts and eating right!

It took me a while to get used to the texture/thickness of greek yogurt but now I LOVE it! I cant stand other yogurt now. Never seen wallaby brand though, might have to go looking for it!

Sara said...

Love Greek yogurt!