June 10, 2012

One week to go!

In one week I start my new job. I am so excited for this next big step and I plan to savor every moment of this next week that I possibly can. I am going to see some of my favorite ladies, spend time with the hubby, get myself ready and try to relax. :) This past friday I went shopping with my good friend Sarah and ended up purchasing some of the cutest shoes for work!
Aldo Shoes
Michael Kors

Cole Haan (w/Nike Air technology)
I just adore all of my new shoes! It was such a few day, and we both had a blast. Hopefully this next week will have the fun continuing each day...

Monday: Early morning work-out, lunch with my good friend Andrea and a quick manicure. Then going to see Prometheus with my husband in the evening for a little date night!
Tuesday: Early morning work-out followed by an afternoon of tanning and reading. I've been reading the Alphabet series by Sue Grafton and i'm on "C is for Corpse". Interesting enough story, but the charactor development is lacking... i'm hoping it picks up soon.
Wednesday: Workout in the morning, and then my brother-in-law is coming over for dinner in the evening. Our puppies are in need of a playdate and it will be nice to see him. :)
Thursday:  Another workout, followed by some tanning and then grabbing a drink with my friend Ashley, who I haven't seen in years! It will be so nice to catch up with her!
Friday: Workout in the morning and then head out to my moms house for pedicures and an afternoon at her neighborhood pool! I think it will be the perfect end to the week, and leave me feeling invigorated to start work on Monday! :)

In addition to all of these fun activities I will also be making the drive to the office at a different time each morning. I am allowed to pick my start time so I want to check out how the traffic is and see when I would like to begin my day. :)

I hope everyone else has a wonderful week!


Lauren Welsh said...

Those MK shoes look so cute!! Good luck with the new job!

Claire Kiefer said...

Being able to pick your start time is such an incredible perk! I have a pretty flexible schedule with work, too, and I'm so grateful for it. Shoe shopping is the best & you got some good ones. Sounds like you have a great week ahead!