June 7, 2012


So, back in October Spencer and I went to Portland. We found these BEAUTIFUL frames at Ikea, and purchased two of them! We recently mounted them on the wall while we find appropriate artwork to place in them. 
 Needless to say, I am now constantly on the lookout for the perfect pieces. Having them hanging is a constant reminder. :) The hard part is finding two beautiful pieces that will coordinate, and also fit in the oval frame shape without looking odd! Below are just a few of the pieces we have found while perusing online... i'm hoping the right pieces will jump out at us soon!

Love Bouquet
Andrew Bannecker  
I just love searching for new and fun art. I think I shall have to do an art tour of my home soon. :) We have some pretty great pieces around this place! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day1! I'm off to the gym, to do some reading/tanning and then out to dinner with a friend tonight. Tomorrow, it's shopping!!! (Shoes!)

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