July 27, 2012

Today I do NOT love...and a few things I do :)

Ok, so I read the 40 Shades of Gray books months ago... and ladies, i'm not a huge fan. There are 1000's of other books out there that are better written and have more of a storyline. The first book alone is just shock value... and I worry about the 12 year olds out there who are secretly reading it and thinking that a good relationship goal is to find a sexy man and do anything to keep him because he makes you tingle... geesh. Do they really have to have this book next to the YA fiction at Target? Come on people.

But I digress..
The problem I am having today is about Emma Watson being rumored to play the lead in the movie! I hope this is not correct news... I just can't handle seeing sweet, enchanting Emma in a red room of pain! sigh...

But on to some happier news, here are a few things which I AM loving today!

This identity design.
Crayon Gems by Todd Oldham!

...and these BEAUTIFUL illustrations by Ratinan Thaijareorn

It was hard to choose just a few to highlight! She has so many beautiful pieces!

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Nicole said...

The book was no Pulitzer but it was totally entertaining & yes fiction so I gladly accepted the distraction from everyday life. & that role would REALLY rid Emma of her Harry Potter persona! I am not ready for it either!