July 26, 2012

Today I love...

This week has been CRAZY! I spent monday in a different city for work, celebrating turning 28 on Tuesday and laid around going crazy about how hot it was yesterday! Today, Spencer headed out for 2 days with his friends in Chicago, and I am officially crazy dog mom and lounging lady :) although I will have to get through a little thing called work first. :) PS- It's FREEZING in my office! How does one dress for 105 outside and 65 inside?! Yeesh!
Well, enough complaining. :) Life is good and through all the crazy it's been fabulous. My birthday was A-MAZING and Spencer bought me beautiful roses, followed by a lovely dinner at Julian (owned by last seasons Top Chef Masters contestant Celina Tio!) where I had a lemon arugala salad, seared sea scallops with portobello mushrooms and an AMAZING chocolate ganache. mmmmm I am salivating just thinking about it :)

Overall its been a perfect week... but i'm ready for Friday! In the meantime, I feel the time has come to show you a few of the things I am loving today...

 These lovebirds.
Cameo coasters.
This Honest Abe quote.
Raspberries! (Seriously, im obsessed!
and last but not least....

The Olate dogs! YAY! I'm so happy they made it into the finals! By far my favorite act to watch! :)

Have a fabulous week!

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