August 22, 2012

and it's 1...2...3 strikes you're out!


1. My grandma gets cancer.
2. We have to shop around for a foundation repair guy,because
 our back room addition is sinking inch by inch.
3. Spencer got in an accident...

Spencer's poor sweet little car was hit by some jerk at 40mph.
He's ok thank god, just a little bit sore.
I had to leave class to go help him with all the towing, etc. and get him home. 
I hope my teacher is understanding...

We didn't need this right now....

However, it's
 one day at a time, 
one moment per minute 
& one foot in front of the other.

We will come through.


1 comment:

Belen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. :( My two best friends are going to similar situations as you, including car accidents, job losses, and credit card frauds. Saying little prayers for you as well, and good luck, lovely!