August 23, 2012

Turning Lemons into Martinis

Life has given us some lumps lately, but I'm beginning to realize that things all happen for a reason, and things have a way of working out...

♥  2 months ago my grandma came down with a bad cough. Because of the cough she ended up going to the doctor. She has an infection, wrapped around a mass of cancer. Without the infection we may not have found the cancer until much later....
♥  Spencer is driving my car right now and dropping me off for work, but starting Monday our schedules will have conflicts that won't allow us to be a one car family. Instead of having to spend money on a rental, I am able to borrow my moms. Since Grandma is staying at her house right now, she has been driving Grandma's car and so I am able to borrow my mom's car.
♥  We found out we are getting a check from the Insurance Company for Spencer's car. While it in no way makes up for his accident, we may be able to pay down some bills, keep a small portion of what they give us for the down-payment, and finance the rest. This way we can eliminate a few of our payments to make up for the $$ we will be spending for a new car payment each month.
♥  I missed class to go get my husband after the accident, but I left a lasting impression on my professor and I don't think he will forget my name. It's rare to have a professor know who you are in the first week. And luckily I left a GOOD impression on him as a professional when I explained my situation, rather than looking like a slacker.
♥  It's been a minute since this happened.... but I got laid off back in March. However, without being laid off I would have stayed there for a long time... I never would have seen my husband and i'd be on the road all the time. I really miss my co-workers but I love coming home to my husband every night, I love being able to call up friends and actually see them and I love being able to cook at home! (I think i've lost about 15 lbs since March)

Some other good things...
♥  I threw my first cocktail party for work yesterday and it was a HUGE hit!
♥ I got a nice $75 bottle of Pinor Noir that had been opened and was still full. They re-corked it and sent me home with it!
♥  Fall television starts VERY soon! (I am a TV addict)\
♥  Soup season has begun. My office is freezing cold, but I am loving it because I get to start with soups and hot coffee earlier than I would have otherwise. mmmmm the flavors of Fall! 
♥  My new co-workers are pretty cool too, and my boss trusts me. :)

Happy Thursday!

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capperson said...

It sounds like you know know to find the positives in a list full of negatives. That's amazing! I'm so glad that everything is looking up for you! I am also so ready for fall clothes, fall tv shows, soups, and football!!