February 22, 2013

Digging out

Well, I have officially been home for two snow days in a row! I thought snow days would end when I was done with school, but happily my office closed down! I love getting paid to sit around and play with the dogs (in between shoveling piles of snow of course)
The entire metro has been hit by 12+" of fluffy white snow, and its super cold! Mia absolutely loves it and has been romping around like a little snow bunny! Betty on the other hand just wants to sleep all day. Overall, it's been a lot of fun. :)
We are also on Day 5 of our 6 week Shred. I have to say, I feel slimmer. I am sure I haven't lost a substantial amount of lbs, but I feel thinner and I feel my energy levels are up. In addition to the diet, we also have a workout regimen that goes with it. Yesterday required 40 minutes of cardio. We never ended up making it to the gym, but I think the snow shoveling activities we engaged in all afternoon definitely made up for it! I feel tender and my sides hurt each time I move. Lots and lots of bending, lifting, twisting and heaving can do that!

Today the plan is to finish up the snow removal, enjoy a nice hot shower, get some homework done and then later tonight catch up with the season finale of Downton Abbey! :) I don't watch it when it airs because Spencer isn't a fan and I have to wait until he's gone. It has been a crazy week of avoiding Facebook posts since it aired last sunday, but I have been successful, and there will be no spoilers! 

Stay warm everyone!

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