February 19, 2013

6 Weeks of BIG changes

Hello old and new friends. How are you all? In the past year I have had a lot of big changes. I've changed jobs, stopped traveling and really pushed myself to finish up school. Now with the start of 2013 I am ready for another big change!

Recently I purchased the book "Shred: The Revolutionary Diet" by Dr. Ian Smith...
Now, I am the first person to shut down at the idea of a diet and CRINGE at the idea of counting calories... but something about the way Dr. Smith explained his plan caught my attention. He was interviewed on my favorite morning talk show and his plan just sounded realistic. (and the idea of losing 30 pounds or 2 sizes in 6 weeks really did excite me!) So I bought the book...I read it... and I decided to go for it! The whole idea behind the Shred is to eat smaller portions all day long and keep your metabolism going. We are talking 4 meals a day PLUS 3 snacks! I have been eating so much that I feel I never stop! (Which means I don't ever feel hungry or starved) AND there is no counting of calories! We eat the foods that are recommended in the book and it takes all of the guesswork out. It also has an exercise schedule, and I am a girl who loves to follow a schedule. If I leave it up to myself to choose "healthy" foods and hit the gym I often find myself saying, "Well, one bag of peanut butter cups wont hurt", or, "I can eat LOTS of gummy bears! They are fat free!" I also often find my head filled with excuses and bargaining when it comes to the gym. "hmmm, if I dont go to the gym today then I will for sure go tomorrow." But do I go tomorrow? yeah... not very often...

Yesterday was our first day on the Shred, and on day 2 I already feel more energized, and I woke up this morning without feeling bloated or disgusting. It's only been one day, but I have good feelings that this will work.

So what else do I have going on in the next 6 weeks?

I GRADUATE!!!! I will be done with school in 6 weeks! I can't believe that after all of this time I will officially be able to say that I hold a Masters Degree! :) It feels good to be the Master of something!

and if that wasn't good enough...

I'm going to be an aunt to a beautiful little niece  My sister is pregnant with baby #2 and I can't wait to meet lil' Ms. Lanie in a very short time. :)

I am so excited for the next 6 weeks and I promise to keep everyone updated as I go through this process. I am hoping for great things!

Wish me Luck!


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Belen said...

hehe woot woot! early congrats on getting your masters! june needs to get here already so i can finally get my bachelors and start applying for better jobs. i need out of starbucks!