July 8, 2013

10 days

10 days until I get to relax, lie on a beach and spend time with my cousin!

I will be in Florida, on Clearwater Beach for 5 days, and I can not wait! 
Spencer will even be joining us for the weekend!
This is his first trip to Florida and i'm excited to see what he thinks.
He is NOT a fan of humidity... so, needless to say, it will be interesting :)
Not a bad place to stay :) Can't wait to hit that pool and cabana!

This week I need to hit the tanning bed for a base coat (to help keep from turning into a lobster)
and keep hitting the gym so I can feel good and look good!

This will be our first vacation for 2013
Next up will be Mexico in May!!!
(and i'm kind of hoping for an end of the year trip to Chicago... Maybe around the holidays!)

Ahhhhh... only 10 days....
Sun...Sand...and more importantly, SEAFOOD!
I am so excited!


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