July 5, 2013

Running Pains

Over the past few weeks I have really stepped up my game. I push myself at the gym, i've taken to a mix of running/walking the dogs and I've ventured into the crazy world of agonizing ab work (Come October I will be smoking hot on the beach!)

Sadly, the past 3-4 days i've been having to let myself relax a bit, and I am not a fan. 
I actually miss the gym!

Somehow I have pulled something, or pinched something and I have this ball of uncomfortable that is wedged on my neck right below my hairline. For a little while it hurt to just turn my head to the side. 
I have tried sports cream, ibuprofen and cold presses... nothing seems to get rid of it!

Any idea ladies?
I need to get back to hitting the pavement!


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