June 28, 2013

Personal Best!

Lately I have been working hard and focusing on trying to get back to the gym. I've been averaging between 2-4 trips a week. I tend to start with 30 minutes on the elliptical and then move onto other things, but last night I only had 30 minutes of time to devote, so I set a goal.

The 10 minute mile has always alluded me. I will sprint, push and sweat but the most i've been able to do is the 11 minute. I think I MAY have hit 10 minutes once, back when I was at the gym everyday, but ive never been able to repeat or to maintain...
Well ladies... I DID IT!
As the clock hit 10 minutes, my distance hit 1.0! I was so happy that I didn't even realize I was keeping up the pace. When I looked back down it was 11 minutes, and I was at 1.1. Well, of course I thought to myself... "Wow...maybe I can keep going!?" New goal? 1.5 in 15! Well, imagine my delight when the clock hit 15 and my distance hit 1.5! I WAS DOING IT! But why stop there? Why not try for 2 miles in 20? I pushed, I could feel my face getting hot, and then BAM! 2.0 in 20!

So what do I do?! 
Could it be possible?
 Can I push a little further?

At 22  minutes I started to lose some stamina... At the 23 minute mark I was only at 2.29. It couldn't be! I had to push more! I found a great song and I hit my feet to the beat! It was slow-going, but at 28 minutes I did it and caught up to 2.8! I was DYING! But with 2 minutes to go I couldn't stop now! It was only 2 minutes! I can't even play a game of Candy Crush Saga in 2 little minutes! So I pushed...I hit it hard...I closed my eyes and RAN!

AND I DID IT!!!!!!!!
As the clock hit 29.59 I hit 3 miles run!
(or at least it did in my head)

My next goal: Maintain it the next two trips :)
(And I might have rewarded myself with some Clearance buys from Victoria's Secret last night...)

The VSX Runway Running Short
The VSX Knockout Crop
VS cute pink top
The zipper wristband
(perfect for holding my key on dog walks/runs!)

I mean, if i'm going to be such a stud at the gym, I need to look the part, right?

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