December 3, 2009

Come soon and melt on my tongue!

Mother Nature has missed the memo!

Here we are...December 3rd, and not a snowflake to be seen! We should all be bundled up in coats, scarves and hats, cursing as we shovel our sidewalks and trying to figure out how to look fabulous in our special slinky christmas dress when its covered in a big puffy coat!
But no...there's been none of it. Yes, we might have a little bit of cold weather right at this moment (26 degrees brrrr....) but the sun is shining and the sky is blue! Its BS! I say, bring on those beautiful plump flakes of white to cover our hair and make it look like we all have dandruff! I want mountains and heaping piles to cover my doorstep and front yard. I want it to be a foot deep so that when Mia sprints off the deck and jumps ....she just sinks down into the white goodness without knowing how it happened!
Seriously mother nature, give us a break!? Let me wear my sweaters and buy snow boots without just having them sit in my closet in anticipation! I am ready to make a snowman, catch a snowflake on my tongue and kick up white powder everywhere I walk! In the meantime I guess i'll have to settle for this cozy winter images....

Come along and take a stroll through an icy winter wonderland...











Come on winter, I'm ready for ya!!!

PS-Later tonight I will post the sunny-side. LOTS of excitement but you'll have to wait!!!!
PPS- Don't forget to go vote Mia!


carrie1 said...

Eww.... not me! Winter can stay far far away from VA.

I am having Spring fever today... it's actually sunny here... and 65 degrees. =)

KLaw said...

I love how you threw in the "ice" necklace. Wow!

This makes me kinda, sorta miss winter... just a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'd like warm weather please! LOL I voted for your puppy! so cute!

Corinne said...

Oh I know exactly how you feel! I move to Erie, PA where last year they had record setting amounts of snowfall, and now, I've only seen 2 dustings of snow...but not even enought to cover the ground! WHAT IS THAT?! My sister in St. Louis got some snow, my Texas friend got snow! I live where it makes sense for snow and there is none!
I'm with you, "COME ON MOTHER NATURE!!!"

Dani said...

I woke up to snow this morning. It was nice.

Now it's still snowing and it's NOT so nice because driving home is going to SUCK!

Amber said...

I am with you girl... I am ready for some snowfall here in KC!!! I love that first peaceful and pretty. We definitly have the cold weather down though. I couldn't believe how cold it was this morning!

Kimbirdy said...

Even just to have some cold weather would be nice! San Francisco is more in tune with Australia's seasons than America's.

my name is lauren. said...

those pictures are awesome! i love the catching snowflakes one the best :).

i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it snows for you soon!

Anonymous said...

i love all these pictures! i usually hate when it snows..not that i hate the snow, but my old job used to consist of me having to drive in it and get out of my car all the time and drop stuff off to businesses. it got so cold! but now i love it..and i am wishing it would snow right now. usually by this time we have tons of is making me sad! it's just not the same trying to watch a christmas movie with it not snowing outside :( i mean if it's going to be freaking cold, it might as well be snowing!

Kristin said...

Seriously, though I can't expect snow I would like the temp to dip below 70 pleasssssssssse!

Iva said...

these are so stunning!!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Gorgeous pics! I want snow.

Anna said...

i'm ready for some cold weather too. i expected to be freezing here in DC already! pretty photos btw!

SJ said...

It snowed in Texas on Friday for like, five minutes and then it was all over!

These pictures are beautiful, I hope you get your winter wonderland soon!