December 6, 2009

Pieces of Me

I would like you all to play a little game with me. It was created by the Toothfairy . If you have never read her blog you must check it out! The first sunday of each month you answer 5 very important questions to reveal a few "pieces" of you life. You can link back to her and then read about other bloggers from around the world!
Without further ado... here is my "Pieces of Me"!

I Like: staying-up late. I shouldn't stay-up late and many times I find myself falling asleep early, or being responsible and going to bed around 10:30. (I do after all have to be at work at 8am) but I just love staying up. Watching a movie while laying in bed, reading a good book while cuddled up under the covers with the lamp on beside my bed. I just love it! I may have trouble waking up the next morning, I may rely heavily upon my coffee...but I never regret it because I tend to love what I do between the hours of 10 and 2!
I don't like: reality tv shows. I may get stoned for saying this but I really don't give a flying pig about the hills, flava flavs ho-bags, uneducated dumbasses with fake eyelashes (aka: new york) and idiots who will risk STD just to be on TV! They can all suck it! I have no interest in seeing what a bunch of bimbos did on friday night, who screwed who, or watching girls spit in other girls faces and claw one another over a man who is, what I like to call, UGLY. Seriously...ugliest man alive...and he wears a clock around his neck for goodness sake! The only thing it makes me think of is the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland with the over-sized pocketwatch who is eternally late.... so in my mind, not only is he hideous but he also must be eternally late! Overall...big loser... I never even bother to watch MTV or VH1 anymore. The only thing on anymore are shows featuring has-been rockstars who have nothing better to do with their time!
...WHEW!...that felt good getting that off my chest.
I want you to know: that I have a serious irrational fear of styrofoam! The squeak when it gets rubbed the wrong way, the weirdly weightless feel of it...the way it re-forms when you bite down on it. It really gives me the heebie jeebies! I just can't handle it! I HATE the feel of a styrofoam cup, or the way people stick their forks into styrofoam plates to make a pattern. Spencer thinks it's HILARIOUS and likes to squeak the take-out boxes just to see it if bugs me!
I've planned: Christmas! Well, at least i'm "planning" it. We will be having Spencers family to our house for Christmas breakfast! We can hang out, eat, play games and be merry! Later in the day Spencer and I will head to my moms house for dinner and to spend some time with my family! I can't wait to give my nephew his presents! He won't remember any of it, but it should be a lot of fun watching him explore his new toys and giggle as paper gets ripped off of presents!
I want to say to someone special: that i'm ready and I can't wait!

If you want to play along go on over to Toothfairy's blog! Then leave a comment and let me know you are playing along as well!!


my name is lauren. said...

what a fun idea. i may have to try this :).

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Cute and fun. I will try this later, I am sure!

Carol said...

I agree, that noise of styrofoam is like nails on a chalk board!

Kimbirdy said...

I agree - "reality" shows are THE WORST!

Toothfairy said...

heyyyy thanks for joinging my little game!

and yeah... I'm not into reality shows as well.. though sometimes I do watch the hills, even though I don't like it!!!