December 4, 2009

Visions of Sugarplums...

When I was little my very favorite time of year was the day I got to go see the Nutcracker. Every year they took the "honor roll" students in my Elementary school up to the Kansas City ballet to see a special showing of the Nutcracker. I would sit in awe staring at the beautiful tutus and hoping one day i'd be able to jump that high and twirl that fast. I would give the death stare to the boys making fun and admire the dancing abilities.

I was in ballet for almost 12 years growing up. Tap, jazz, lyrical and most of all...ballet. 3 nights a week for 3 hours a night my sister and I would be at the studio in our leotards, tights and ballet shoes. I loved ballet, and sometimes wonder why I quit. I would love to install a ballet bar in my home and practice my plies, pirouettes and echappes until I was could do them properly. (The gorgeous legs I would get wouldn't hurt either!)
I have decided that this year would be a perfect time to head back to the KC ballet and see dancing mice and sugarplum fairies twirl about a sparkling stage! I always loved when the tree would grow. I thought it was magic!!!

Anyone want to join me for a beautiful performance of magic and ballet!?

I truly love this time of year. It's like everyone takes the opportunity to bring a little big of magic into their lives. Beautiful twinkling lights line the streets as people turn their homes into glistening displays, little children line up to meet a magical man who can fly up a chimney just by laying his finger beside his nose. Cartoons full of elves and talking reindeer fill the primetime lineup and bring everyone back to their childhood, and my's the season of believing. Believing in hope, joy, peace and happiness.

...and to all of you Grinches and nay-sayers....

*I don't see the long line of shoppers. I see myself finding that perfect thing that I know if going to bring a smile on someone's face.
*I don't see the hard work of putting everything up and decorating our home. I see the joy of sitting around sipping hot chocolate and admiring the twinkling lights. THe beauty of wrapped presents slowly filling up the space. The smell of pine and evergreen creating an intoxicationg aroma in the air.
*I don't see icy roads, I see a winter wonderland. A moment when the world gets a fresh breath. A blanket of beauty to cover the reality of life and hardship.

I went to Hobby Lobby last night and was so excited by all of the holiday gear they had out! It made me think of all the holiday goodies I would LOVE to decorate my halls with (if money weren't an option.

1. Reindeer Games Ever since I saw this set of reindeer plates, bowls, cups and pitchers at Pottery Barn I have been in love!!! I really want the glasses, but I definitely wouldn't mind having the entire set!!!!! hmmmmm these definitely might have to be an after christmas purchase!!!

2. Stocking hung with care... I LOVE these stocking hangers!!! I hope to buy these, although im still persuading spencer... he doesn't like getting his photo taken. :)

3. Greenery!!! I adore the look of holiday greenery trimming doorways, windows and railings with bright green goodness accented with red and silver. I plan to stock up on this stuff over the years and one day make our house come alive with greenery! At my moms old house we had a long bannister right by the front door and we used to wind it up both sides of the railing and across the loft. It was one of my favorite decorations! I just find it so lovely!

4. White Wonderland I have a fascination with white christmas lights. I just find it beautiful when a house is trimmed with them on each eave and overhang. Spencer and I plan to buy up our lights the day after christmas this year and I can't wait to open the packages next year and turn our home into a beautiful winter wonderland in white!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!! (have a great weekend!




Anonymous said...

Dear Jenni,
I think you are so awesome. I have loved your positive inspring posts! You alone, are making me so excited for Christmas!! Seriously, i think that it is contagious, and when people are grumpy about it, it can really bring me down. That is why I love what you have to say because it puts me in a good mood and makes me so excited!

Love, Chloe

p.s. i have ALWAYS wanted to go the ballet. i am so jealous :)

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Ballet has my heart.

I love the grinch!!!

and yay for being so positive about Christmas. Christmas ROCKS!

Amber said...

This post brought a big smile to my face. I love every single thing on your list. I have only seen the Nutcracker once but sat in awe just like you did but I was an adult.
Also white lights on houses are my all time fave!!
Have a great weekend!!

Kimbirdy said...

I'm going to do a little decorating tonight! I just wish I had more twinkling lights - they make everything so magical!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

um, i want to be in the nutcracker. lol. can we do our own version? i might sell like 3 tickets. LOL.

i love you. i love your babies. i just do.

my tree is up and i love her.

Elizabeth said...

I always wanted to have a looong banister so that I could decorate with fresh greenery for Christmas...kudos on that one :)

Kristin said...

Now that's the way to spread holiday cheer! I am such a Nutcracker addict!

SJ said...

I have always wanted to go see the Nutcracker!

Caroline said...

I love the Nutcracker!!! Hope you had a great weekend. xo