July 9, 2010

Good News and stuff!

I have gotten some amazing news these past few days!
First, I won a BEAUTIFUL new pajama set on the Brightside Project!
A beautiful cami and pajama set will be arriving at my house soon from 
Between the Sheets, a luxury lingerie line! (mine will be midnight black with lilac ribbon and lace!)

Then I had FEMA drop by our house! The president may declare my area a natural disaster area! Which means, we could end up getting the difference back between what our actual loss was, and what we got back from insurance. My policy only covered 5k, and the damage to the property, not including personal property items we lost, got up to 7k! So cross your fingers that the president decides we suffered enough damage to get government help! (There are quite a few apartment buildings, and businesses down the street that had to be closed down and re-habbed due to the flooding.)

And yesterday I went shopping for shoes for the wedding! After a LONG day, and lots of sale shopping we almost give up hope! Then we found these....
They are from Nina, and a light gold color. I think they should look really pretty with my dress! Although, I am keeping the receipt until I get to try on my gown for the first time! (which is tomorrow morning at 9:30am!!!) I can not wait!!!! It's going to be so beautiful!!! 

 I am officially down 10 lbs and 2 dress sizes! It's frustrating to not see the numbers changing too quickly, but I know its because i'm gaining a lot of muscle, and that weighs a lot more than fat! Here's a photo of my face a good 2 months ago....

and here's one from this morning... excuse the no make-up and hair pulled back. haha
Not a HUGE difference, but I feel like my face looks much much thinner..and not quite so round! haha. I feel so much better. There are a lot of clothes that I haven't fit into in quite sometime, if ever, and everything looks and feels amazing! I have really made dedication and i'm glad its paying off. 6 of my lbs. lost have been in the last 3 weeks, with a steady 2 lbs. each week. It feels pretty amazing I have to say! If anone is having trouble losing, I can not recommend P90x enough! Its amazing, and I have never felt in better shape. I highly highly recommend it! Just make sure you are ready for the commitment, and not just starting out on a weight-loss journey. If you aren't prepared and in good shape already you will not be able to handle this workout and be very tempted to stop doing it. If you are in fairly good shape (can do a good 5-10 pushups in a row, don't get winded walking up a few stairs, and can do a good 25 sit-ups without stopping you should be able to handle this workout...just keep going. You will see results!)

Other than my dress fitting this weekend, i'm hoping to write a good 3 papers for my class and pull ahead of things a bit. It's been difficult to keep up with this summer class with everything I have going on in my life. Honestly, I will just be happy to pass the class and I wish I could take it pass/fail. I'm taking the fall semester off and I can't wait until the end of this month and my long 5 month break! It works out really well to take a break right now as well because I will be exactly halfway toward my masters degree! I'm taking it off for the wedding, but it's nice that it is working out this way. 

AND last but not least... Happy Birthday mom!!!
This photo was from my sisters wedding a few years ago. I'm on the left and mom is on the right
We have a pretty strong family resemblance!
We'll be celebrating the first weekend in August by taking a boat out on the lake and having a nice dinner. We always combine her birthday, and mine (July 24th) because they are so close together.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!!

PS- Thank you to my dear, sweet Summer who sent me a beautiful card today, after a particularly hard day on Monday. Love ya lady!


Simone said...

You look BEAUTIFUL Jenni....I am happy to hear some good news for you.

Happy Week-end sweetie! xo

Belen said...

Oh beautiful Jenni, you and your sister and mom definitely look alike! Congrats on the win too. :)

SG to SP said...

Glad things are looking up for you! I love your shoes, my wedding shoes were also Nina shoes :)

Rasha said...

Those jammies look awesome!

Yay for things looking up!

Trac~ said...

Congrats on the CUTE pajama set and the adorable wedding shoes! I hope that FEMA and the government gets you back your money! Big hugs! :o)

Meghan said...

Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment! I love everything about this post, from your PJ win to your shoes to your awesome attitude! Keep up the great work!