July 10, 2010

I want to go to there....

I have a paper to be writing right now...
but my mind is elsewhere....
Today at my very first dress fitting...
(which you can read about here)
the lovely lady who helped me asked about where my honeymoon was going to be. When I said "The Excellence Resort in Cancun" she shrieked in delight! A year ago, when she got married, she went there for her honeymoon and had never met another bride who was going there!!!As we talked she told me of the amazing time she had. She said it felt like Jurassic Park when she arrived at the hotel and two huge doors opened up in front of the car to the beautiful sprawling resort! They were greeted with champagne, and treated like royalty! Everything was fabulous!
Some of her favorite things included...
*Ordering every desert on the menu one night just to try them all out (Why not? it's all inclusive!)
*Laying in hammocks over the water, relaxing and enjoying the view
*The ice cream! They have an ice cream bar with hundreds of flavors!
*The swim-up bar with delicious fruity beverages
 *The Lobster House! (Yes, an all-inclusive which does serve lobster!)
*The drinks... why yes, I would like a margarita made with Patron and Chambord!
*The Starbucks on wheels that travels the theater each night making any drink you could desire.
 *The fresh guacamole and authentic mexican food served right on the beach for lunch!
Other things i've found out through research...
*Each day on the beach at around noon they crack open some coconuts, 
pour some liquor in and stick in a straw and pretty little umbrella. YUM!
*The food is fabulous, flawless and superb
 *You will never be without a pool float, thatch-roof cabana, etc. 
And there is no extra charge for any of them!
 *If you have any spa service you get access to the entire spa all day! (Including the series of hot and cool pools, jets and streaming waterfalls designed to soothe away your aches and pains) 
 *The live performances right now are a cirque-du-soileil, and michal jackson tribute show!
 *Free Yoga on the beach! I've always wanted to give this a try!
 *The softest, comfiest beds with menus to order the pillow of your choice! ......AND we have an oceanside room!
*No one EVER wants to leave!!!
Sigh.... I can't wait!!!!



Anonymous said...

omg jenni! this totally sounds amazing. i can't wait for you to get there either. i think i wanna plan a getaway there with my hubby.

best of luck with that paper.

have a great weekend love.


Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

Looks amazing!

Simone said...

OMG Jenni, it sounds absolutely FANTASTIC.....wow!!! I am thinking what reason I can come up with to go there!!!! Totally amazing!!!!

And your dress fitting....you must have felt amazing. I am so happy for you - and so proud of you too, you have done brilliantly!!!! xoxo

Lace said...

Looks ridiculously amazing!!

Kristin said...

Now I wanna go there tooooooo!

SogniSorrisi said...

Looks like a great place! Can I come? (ignore what they say about three being a crowd lol)

Meghan said...

SO JEALOUS! I need to go on another honeymoon ASAP!

Kimbirdy said...

that's going to be amazing! how exciting!

Marian said...

This makes me want to change my honeymoon and go there!! It looks like heaven on earth!!

Kristin said...

this place sounds amazing!! i want to go!!