September 8, 2010

We Danced, We loved, We Laughed

Last night was Spencer and I's first dance class!
 We weren't too shabby for having never danced together in our lives. Although, we do have one small problem... He keeps time by counting the beat in music...I keep time by the feel of the music...sooo we're going to have to find a happy medium. :) Overall it was a lot of fun, and we will be practicing each night for at least 10 minutes so as not to forget the steps! We learned the rumba last night, and next Tuesday will be the fox trot! 

Today i'm relaxing a bit. Allergies hit me hard and I have felt a little out of it. I have my first dress fitting today at 5 though!! After I get back I think I might just have to hit the gym for an hour or so, get in a good sweat and then come home to see who made it into the final 4 on America's Got Talent! I'm hoping for...
 Michael Grimm
 Fighting Gravity 
 Prince Poppycock ....
and I know it will be little Jackie Evancho....
but I think her future lies some other place than the Vegas stage...
like singing for the queen, or headlining at Carnegie Hall!
so I kind of hope it will be....
Studio One Young Beast Society...I mean...those kids can DANCE!
 hmmm guess we'll have to wait and find out!!!
Also....we have a first night for season premieres!!!
Tonight we will see....
A new cycle of America's Next Top Model!!!
Which I have to admit...I'm really curious about!

Not a lot else going on. Just looking for work, trying to get myself to the gym...if these allergies would ever go away.... and oh yeah! Spencer and I are throwing a pirate themed beer shower this friday!
So tomorrow and friday I will be clenaing the house, planning our costumes and tracking down some skull & crossbone bandanas for the puppies to wear :)
Well I best be out!

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Annie said...

sounds like dance class was fun!
i am hoping for the exact same top 4 on america's got talent!! i can't wait to watch tonight ;)
the party you are planning sounds like so much fun!!
off to find your FB fan page!

Kinsey Michaels said...

A beer shower is such a cool idea! The pirate theme will give it a unique spin.
Glad you and Spencer had a blast in dance class! I've always wanted to take lessons with my boyfriend. I think his dislike for dance is more in the fact that he doesn't really know how to dance.

Jenny DB said...

OOOh i wanna take dance classes with my boy!!! that's awesome yall are doing that. Also, i haven't watched AGT for a couple weeks but you picked all my favorites!! well the 2 dance groups (LOVED THE GRAVITY PERFORMANCE I SAW!) and that A-MAZING little girl. Agree with you on the vegas comment though... soooo who made it??