February 28, 2011

2 down...infinity to go

Almost 2 months ago I began a new journey in my life.
With the start of a new year I started a new career...
and I have honestly never felt like I belonged in one place at one time so well.
Not that I am EVER in one place physically...
But mentally I am so happy with where I am.

I miss my husband more than I can say
I fall asleep thinking about him and my little fur-babies
I count down the moments until I see them again
and when we are together, I find myself constantly smiling.

I am finally getting the hang of this thing.
This week I am in Arkansas and I actually got back to my hotel by 5:00!
I started out this morning at 8am, and by noon I pulled into town.
It is BEAUTIFUL here!
Driving around with clear blue skies, a crisp breeze and beautiful cliffs on each side of the road
It's wonderful!

I checked into my hotel
went to applebees for some dinner
relaxed for a bit and then hit the gym
Now i'm watching my Monday night obsession
Eep! I LOVE it!

Now, since I am WAY behind on updating,
Look below to see how I am doing with "52 in 2011"
Week 8
1. I have officially completed 15 books and am 90% through book 16 this year! It feels good! I have missed reading :) Right now i'm reading "Lean Mean Thirteen" and I love it! Such fun books!
2. I have not worked out in WEEKS! I keep promising myself I am going to get back into it, but it's taking me awhile to get used to the new schedule. I hit the gym tonight and I was sooo tired! I can't wait to go back again tomorrow! (although I think i'll be hitting up a 24 hour somewhere here in Arkansas....the hotel gym's machines are HORRIBLE!)
3. This week my main goal is to get to the gym each day. Wether its the horrible hotel gym or the local 24 hour, I really need to motivate myself to go! This winter coat I have been gaining is totally not attractive, and i'm ready for Spring!

Hope everyone is having a glorious week so far!!!  I can't wait to catch up with each and everyone of you! Check in tomorrow for another post from yours truly! Come on girls, keep me held accountable!


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