February 14, 2011

Holy Moly it's number 6!

We are officially 6 weeks into 2011!
I have had such an amazing year so far. Today is my first Valentines day with my husband, and as he is whipping up a fabulous dinner I am relaxing on the couch with the puppies playing around me, drinking a glass of white wine and munching on some smoked salmon spread a la Whole Foods! I love everything about my life right now... My new job, the amazing feeling I get every single day as I learn more and more about baby photography, spending time with my husband and puppies AND our dog hair-free couches courtesy of Mr. Dyson! I can't believe how much life can change in a matter of weeks, but I feel like a whole new me! (And the 5 inches of hair I got chopped off helped a little!)
Ill get a better photo taken soon. The color isn't quite as light as it is in the photo. It has blonde, brown and red streaks in it in real life. I also finished my 12th book for 2011 and started on number 13! It helps that I have time in airports to read, but a lot of my reading just gets done in the morning while I drink my coffee, or at night before I fall asleep. I just enjoy it :) 
Alright, so i'm sure you all know that I am following along with Mara for this year and making a new small resolution, or a few, for each week! It's really helps me to focus and determine what is really important as I go through the motions of the week, and so far so good! My goal this week is simple....

Week 7

1. Spend as much time for myself as possible! Cuddle with the puppies, spend time with my husband... I have an entire week here in KC training at a local hospital and I plan to make every moment count, and really have some quality time together. Who knows where the plane will take me next week! 

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Valentines Day. Now, I will be getting back to my husband, the beautiful roses he got me, the delicious smells from the meal he is cooking....and laughing at my puppies as they attempt to persuade us into dropping food in their mouths! 
Happy Love Day!!!!!!!


Kinsey Michaels said...

well your night sounds like it couldn't be more perfect Jenni! wine, and the hubs cooking up a nice meal? amaaazing :)
love your new 'do!

Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

You and your husband are soooo cute! I love it!


Francesca said...

aw congratulations on the first valentines day with your husband :) so lovely!