February 19, 2011


I can't believe it's been over a month since I started my job! I feel like the weeks have literally flown by, and I haven't had a moment to rest. I have had to master our photography poses, rules on lighting, sales techniques, memorize packaging, learn software, figure out how to handle a baby and keep a baby calm...and also learn the answer to just about every single thing I could possibly be asked in any one of these catagories!  I am new to the company, but going in and training a photographer who has been there 3 years or more is a bit of a nail biting experience. In my downtime I am memorixing numbers, figuring out ways to explain things without getting too technical and working on ways to sell to a mom who is drugged up and overwhelmed with a new baby and crazy family coming in and out. It's tough! As if all of that wasn't enough... I am having to learn how to read excel spreadsheets filled with numbers, and interperet to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each photographer I work with... and I am NOT a numbers person... Sooooo sorry I have been away....I promise I will be back soon with funny stories, trips of my adventures at the gym and lots of  happy moments and cool things i've seen!
This week I will be heading to a hospital in St. Louis. On Monday morning I will get in my car and drive the 4 hours to get to St. Louis. Thursday I will be heading home. I am staying at a pretty cool hotel that i'm kind of excited about! Typically $140 a night, I snagged it for $70 a night using Priceline! Yeah...I'm pretty cool :)
The Moonrise Hotel
A modern boutique hotel in the famous Delmar Loop. Its designed with sleek sophistication, and a bit of a full-moon theme. Comfy beds, an excellent workout room (all the ellipticals and treadmills have lcd tvs on them) and a delicious modern fusion restaurant I think I will be pretty comfortable all week. :)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful time, and once I get a grip and all of my facts in a row I promise I will get back to my regular posting schedule!

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Meri said...

I love the whirlwind of a new job. It's stressful, but at least it isn't boring!