March 3, 2011

A day that will live in Infamy (in my mind)

One year ago today, I was laid off from my job...
at the time, I thought it was the end... Now, I absolutely love my new beginning.
In honor of the day, i've decided it's a feel good Thursday...
and these are the things making me feel good today!
Starting the day off right with a delicious Raspberry Mocha... 

Cruising around with the windows down....

Thinking about my hubby, and how I get to see him soon!
Getting to spend an entire week at home after next week in Texas!

This print.

Simply Huge....Freaking HILARIOUS
The YouTube show created by all of Spencer's groomsmen!
(There are more episodes on youtube)

I even got back to my hotel early today!
Hope everyone else is having a wonderful 03/03/2011!!!


Gabby said...

I'm so glad that a year later, you are so happy! It's crazy how something that is so devastating can end up being a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

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