August 10, 2012

Hope, Dog Smiles and Mickey Mouse

Happy Friday!
Mia was all smiles to welcome the beautiful weather we are having. :)

Yesterday we were given hope.
My grandma's test results came back, and they only found inflamed tissue!
While this does not mean she is cancer free, it may mean that the cancer is MUCH smaller than expected.
We will know for sure what we are dealing with next week.
Send lots of happy thoughts!

Today I Love.
Artichokes in my salad.
A delicious berry refresher.
and my husband posting this to instagram :)
(caption reads: "Needed a bandage...and this is all we have... sometimes I swear I married a child.")
It made me smile. I love being a kid at heart and will never change. And secretly he loves it too :)

I hope everyone has a great day!

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